Here’s What You Should Do If Your Search Rankings Just Dropped

If you’ve ever done SEO, you know how good it feels to see your rankings go up.

You put a ton of hard work into moving up in the SERPs and it finally pays off.

But then the unexpected happens. Your rankings drop.

Few things in SEO are more discouraging than a fall in the rankings. It makes you feel like everything you did was useless.

You wonder what went wrong or if you made a mistake. You beat yourself up for not doing it right.

You’re back to square one again, and you have to start all over.

Or do you?

Analyze the drop

Before you take action to raise your rankings, you need to get some hard data about your ranking drop.

First, you need to figure out just how far you’ve dropped. And if you’re not regularly checking your ranking, you need to do that.