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How to Write Facebook Status Updates That Will Leave Your Audience Coming Back for More.

Facebook status updates

Ever feel like you don’t get that much attention on Facebook? Every marketer wants more attention.

After all, that’s the goal of social media marketing, right?

It can be a bit difficult to get some time in Facebook’s spotlight unless you know exactly what to do.

The trick sounds simple: You have to optimize your status updates to stand out.

There really isn’t more to it than that, but that’s the basic idea- optimizing your updates.

The way you optimize your fan page updates is not totally obvious by any means, So don’t beat yourself up for not “doing it right.”

I’m going to show you how to consistently create status updates that get attention.

No more waiting for likes and comments. No more spending 20 minutes on each update.

Just an easy process that gets results.

Let’s get to it!

What do Facebook users engage with the most?

Have you ever asked yourself exactly what gets the most engagement on Facebook?

It’s a question you need to ask.

First off, let’s define “engagement.” According to Facebook, engagement is somewhat of an umbrella term that can refer to all the actions people take as a result of what you post.

For status updates, this breaks down into likes, comments, and shares.

People like content that is interesting, important, timely, and funny.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to tick all of those boxes to create a great update.

But you do have to make something worth engaging with. That’s a lot easier said than done, so here are some examples.

Make it interesting

When I say “interesting,” I also mean relevant.

That’s simple, right? You’ll only be interested in things that are relevant to your interests.

That’s why truly interesting content has to cater to your audience’s likes.

It’s simple– do more of what you know (or think) your audience will like.

If your photos get tons of likes, post more photos. If your audience loves your live streams, host streams more often and build more buzz around them.

Be on the lookout for trends that happen over time. Don’t take any single post and use it as your only source of information.

Be a source of useful information

There’s more information today than at any other point in history.

I know, I know, what an original thought. But it’s also a wake-up call.

Here’s an honest question: Why would anyone want to listen to you?

If you want to cut through all the noise of our everyday world, you have to stand out. And that’s tough.

Being an invaluable source of information can help you with that.

Timeliness matters

This doesn’t mean you have to post at the perfect time. (Although it does help.)

Being timely means putting out the right content at the right time.

Specifically, it means using seasonal content and leveraging current events.

Seasonal content is especially important.

Think of every major retail company in the world. They all take advantage of certain seasons like Christmas and summertime.

So why shouldn’t you?

Producing seasonal content means that you’ll be super timely and create stuff that people want to see.

But that’s not all. Seasonal content can refer to literal seasons, but it can also refer to trends.

Be funny (if it fits)

Humor will always have a place in marketing and advertising.

But it’s easy to overuse, and I see so many brands doing that.

However, when you do it right, it can be wildly effective.

Don’t rely on text alone

When you think “status update,” you probably think “text.” That’s understandable, but you need to change the way you think about media.

Status updates are perfect for sharing a nice photo or video, and your users will engage with that more than a plain text update.

Photos make up roughly 75% of all Facebook content, and 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video instead of read text.

Text still plays an important role, but it shouldn’t always stand on its own. That’s one of two big mistakes I see in this area.

Some pages post considerably lengthy status updates, and they don’t get much engagement from it.

The other big mistake I see is posting photos or videos without text.

To get the best engagement, you need to use the right amount of text, usually 1-2 lines, along with a photo or video.


We all know that Facebook is powerful.

But there is so much more power if you know how to use it.

One of the ways to get it is by giving your followers the best experience possible.

After all, don’t they deserve to get the best content from you? Shouldn’t every little update be the best they’ve ever seen?